Friday, 6 September 2013

Session with Annaliese and Sebastian

With the beautiful spring weather I've been feeling the itch to photograph. I was hoping to capture the cherry blossoms with these pictures, but we were a bit late in the season, so we didn't really tick that box. But the lighting was gorgeous and so were my subjects.
Originally my plan was to do shots with Annaliese and Genevieve because Annaliese adores that dog. Sebastian wanted to join us and Victoria was my very helpful bag carrier. Next time I think I'll bring lollies as bribery, and an extra helper per child. 
I love this one!

The colour version of the one I put up yesterday. I couldn't decide which one was my favourite. My first thought was B&W but the more I look at the colour the more I like it.

I ask him to put his face in his hands and smile and he does this!
But then he does this! No matter what he looks cute!
He has the Roberts' one-sided smile
I am just loving this lighting! It pays to wait for the perfect time of day!

And the last few just for fun. This was near the end and Sebastian wasn't keen on getting a hug!
And by the time I was getting these shots (Sebastian was very particular about which step he wanted to sit on), I decided they'd been pretty good models and I'd let them go home!

I paid them with sundaes and I think we all finished pretty happy.


  1. gorgeous!! I LOVE the light coming through the trees!

  2. BEAUTIFUL!!! I LOVE the 2nd single shot of Annaliese!!! She's so cute!! And I LOVE the lighting!! :) Stunning!