Saturday, 2 February 2013

January Pictures

This is what we did in January told picture style.

Tegan and Annaliese celebrated their 20th and 5th Birthdays
 photo IMG_7592_zps60caaf99.jpg

We also visited the lovely Vennies.
 photo IMG_7624_zps81eec891.jpg

Caitlin shouted Mum, Tegan, and me a few days in Sydney, and Cassandra tagged along with Campbell. It was a wonderful "grown up girl bonding time".
 photo IMG_7638_zpsc3bd09f7.jpg

The first day reached 43 degrees outside and 49 on court. It was stifling, but we still did manage to have a good time. Tegan was very brave and asked for a photo with John Millman.
 photo IMG_7683_zps521e688a.jpg
Marinko Matosevic at full stretch. He was playing Bernard Tomic but we cheered loud and clear for Matosevic.
 photo IMG_7725_zpsa582a2de.jpg
The next day we took the train into town, shopped around the Queen Victoria Building, went bowling, and ate lunch at Eat Love Pizza (some of the best food I have ever eaten. Amazing seafood and garlic potatoes. And the pizza is pretty good too :)
 photo IMG_7742_zps3bb840e7.jpg
 photo IMG_7748_zpsf9ca5f39.jpg
 photo IMG_7781_zpsea53dc02.jpg
 photo IMG_7787_zpsd9792ed0.jpg

 photo IMG_7788_zps130148b1.jpg

Then in the evening we had another session at the tennis
 photo IMG_7802-1_zps7c13139f.jpg

 photo IMG_7808_zpsa5754d53.jpg

We also helped Miss Lydia celebrate her 5th birthday at the pool. The kids had a ball!
 photo 2013-1-19-Lydias5thparty-029_zpsf23672c0.jpg

 photo 2013-1-19-Lydias5thparty-016_zpsb517f636.jpg

Elijah being a water-lion.
 photo 2013-1-19-Lydias5thparty-009_zps74a491a9.jpg

 photo 2013-1-19-Lydias5thparty-027_zpse5d27724.jpg

 photo 2013-1-19-Lydias5thparty-049_zps21a021eb.jpg

And then on the Australia Day holiday we had a picnic with church friends and a game of cricket.
 photo 2013_1_28-AustraliaDay-010_zpsdf1cc00d.jpg

Campbell looked dashingly handsome as always. I love his shirt.
 photo 2013_1_28-AustraliaDay-014_zps14162d58.jpg

What did January hold for you?


  1. I love this post! ^_^ What fun you people have! :D
    We, went for a holiday to Culburra and Tintenbar in January, relaxed, and caught up with awesome friends such as yourselves! :D

    1. Thanks for your comment, Emma. January already seems so far away. I can't believe we're almost halfway through February. I forgot you guys had a holiday in Culburra. It's a great place for just relaxing. Are you all back at school and uni now?

    2. Yesss! Culburra is an awesome place for a holiday! ^_^
      Yup! We're all settled back into school, and in the boys case - uni! :D As much as I LOVE holidays, it's almost nice to be back into a routine! :P Don't get me wrong though - I'm dying for April holidays to get here! ;)
      Hope we can catch up again soon! xo