Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Stupendously Adorable

As the title would suggest I think this photo is absolutely... well, I can't think of word good enough for this beauty.  However, when I was trying to impress my family with my handiwork some thought the bread protruding from his mouth was a distraction, but Dad thought it added to the image. I can't take the bread out of the picture, but I wanted to show off my handsome nephew and hear your opinions.


  1. I know i am biased though i also think he is adorable...another of my beautiful daughters the photo Bethany x

  2. Cute! Is that a little tear glistening on his cheek too? <3

  3. Yes, it's a tear. I actually didn't realise he had a tear in his eye until I turned it into black and white. :)

  4. From a photography point of view (because I am an expert in the field .. ha !) is if you put the bread there as a prop it detracts if it was there when you took the photo it is capturing the moment !!!

    Love seeing your photos Natalie